It is a pleasure to start the new year with good news! At the end of last year, we issued another scholarship.

On this occasion, Aleksander Jänes, a 2nd year student of the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences mechanical engineering curriculum, received a scholarship of 1,500 euros.

"All the candidates were extremely good and definitely deserve a scholarship. This time, Alexander's excellent study results were noticeable, where his average grade was 5.0 ", commented Timo Vilumets, Development Manager of Radius Machining, who presented the scholarship.

Aleksander Jänes himself stated in his statement that: "I am precise and conscientious in carrying out my work and studies, and I always aim for the maximum result."

One of Radius' missions is to support and popularize the field of mechanical engineering and to inspire students who have chosen this path. Mechanical engineering is developing rapidly and it is a highly digital and automated field, where an engineer has the opportunity to show his creativity and actually create something that is needed through it.

Radius has been awarding scholarships to students of Tallinn University of Applied Sciences for four years now.