The main area of activity for Radius Hydraulics is the production of hose and pipe sets, along with other varying components on offer.

New trademark Radius Hydraulics

In 2017, alongside CNC turning and milling, Radius started the production of hydraulic assemblies. The main product group of hose and pipe sets with filters, gaskets, valves and distributors etc.

Growth and investments

Radius Hydraulics began serving clients while achieving remarkable turnover within the first year. This turnover amounted to nearly 1.15 million Euros. The new business segment also meant that it was now possible to offer more to the existing clients and to add entirely new customers.

Focusing in hydraulics

Radius Hydraulics OÜ started to offer assembly of hydraulic sets and whole hydraulic systems, to ease the project management challenges of our clients.

We offer series of hydraulic solutions, taking care of  purchase, logistics, assembly and long-term supply needs of our partners.

radius hydraulics assembly