Radius Machiningu scholarship

Radius Machiningu stipendiumi pälvis Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkooli tudeng Tanel Tammeveski

This year, the 1500 euro prize from machining enterprise Radius Machining was awarded to Tanel Tammeveski, a fourth-year student from the TTK University of Applied Sciences.


In addition to being a student, Tanel Tammeveski has been part of the Formula Student Team Tallinn for four years. “With this scholarship, Radius recognises his engineering contribution in developing the details for the student formula,” writes the Estonian industry news portal, Tööstusuudised.


“We can see that Tanel is clearly interested in engineering and I am pleased to award the Radius scholarship to him. When we first met, we immediately realised that engineering was his thing. When talking about it, he has that sparkle in his eyes. He will always be welcome to join the Radius team,“ said Ahti Talts, the CEO of Radius Machining, on November 5th while presenting the award.


At the same time, Radius said that other students who applied also deserved recognition. “In the end, the deciding factors were the will, capability, and creativity to bring new talents into the sector of engineering, either through personal example or by being an employer.”


The goal of Radius Machining is to popularise the speciality of mechanical engineering and encourage students who have chosen this field of study. Machining is a thriving industry which has become rather digitalised and automated, but also a field where an engineer has an opportunity to show his or her creativity. Creativity makes is possible to create something that is necessary.


Radius Machining has been awarding scholarships for the students of the TTK University of Applied Sciences for three years.


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