Radius Machining OÜ started as a result of high market demands: companies in this sector could not meet clients’ requirements efficiently and lacked in providing the desired volume of products.

Starting from scratch, the first processing centre was put in use in a small garage in Viimsi.

The beginning

Radius OÜ was founded in 2003.

The economy was developing quickly during this period and as a result, consumers’ needs grew.

The main market for companies in the mechanical engineering was in Finland, where our expertise and sales thrived.

The surge in demand also presented opportunities for Radius OÜ, with the company beginning to act as a middleman for turning and milling orders between the Baltic States and Finland.


Growing with the customers

The client has always been at the center of Radius’ business focus.

Thus, the company’s growth has been directly connected to the needs of our clients.

We expanded together with our clients and thanks to orders from a variety of sectors, we also managed to survive the economic downturn of 2008–2009.

Moving to Kiili

In 2010, Radius Machining experienced further expansion. Our volumes increased and production moved to Kiili.

Here, our turnover began to grow, investments were made in new production facilities, and five new employees joined the company each year.

The selection of new machine tools depended on the needs of our clients. It was also necessary to check that the equipment would be sufficiently generalized to account for the needs from different sectors and that this equipment would also be suitable to produce larger runs.

Today, Radius Machining’s client list includes companies from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and energy sectors but also from other important industries such as medical technology, electronics, construction, robotics and industrial kitchens.


Radius Space

The Radius group of companies was strengthened in 2014 with the addition of Radius Space, developed with the aim of supporting high-tech projects. Radius has also carried out more than ten projects similar to the Estcube satellite project, with the most common project being the TTÜ100 satellite.

Although the production of components and prototype development is not Radius’ focus, the company has the capacity to handle highly complex technologies.

One of the largest projects is the ICEEYE, by which satellites monitor the movement of ice and ships’ and captains are given information on the most optimal route to take to the next port in order to avoid collisions with the ice. In addition, Radius has taken on student projects and supports these projects by providing advice and labor.

Moving to the new factory in Peetri

Within five years, Radius Machining had outgrown the limits of the Kiili production facility. At the end of 2016, production was moved to Sära Road, near Tallinn.

Major changes were enforced on the Radius production environment and the entire production process from raw materials logistics to production monitoring and quality control was considered. In order to enforce these changes, nearly a full year of work was required.

Radius believes that the company’s reputation is not defined by a particular milled or turned component, but by its workers. Radius’ proud reputation is further strengthened by its employees’ loyalty.

Radius also continues to create more employment, as more people are needed to assist our clients solving more complex projects that offer added value, making production even more efficient. Being a small company means being flexible where workers can make more decisions and hold more responsibly.


New trademark

Radius Hydraulics brand was launched on to the market. This decision was made based on our existing clients’ need for hydraulic solutions.

New identity and growth of Radius

Changes in visual identity were finished. A new logo, with new colors and a fresher look was taken into use.

The most important aspect while creating the new identity and logo was that it should not be that different from the old one but rather be it’s newer and more modern version.

The goals of year 2018 were fulfilled above expectations, bringing the Radius Hydraulics brand to the market.

In addition to CNC machine processing, it was now possible to supply hydraulic components up to the complete solutions.



Developing direction and potential

Radius foresees great potential in hydraulics as our volumes have increased.

We have also begun to prepare our next step in the future production and assembling in hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems for original equipment manufacturers.

Forming of Radius Group

We have formed three different but supporting business units within the Radius Group

These business units enable us to serve our partners with long term know-how of CNC machining and Hydraulic systems and the variety of solutions when all of these are combined in synergy